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The Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) uses the same Design-Build (DB) Master Request for Proposal (RFP) templates for all NAVFAC Facilities Engineering Commands and projects.

The Standard Template is used for most projects and includes options for most types of construction and facility types that are used for facilities projects. In order to streamline the RFP development process Model RFPs are provided for ten common facility types. Each of these model templates use the Standard Template as the foundational document and have been modified to suit the specific building type. These templates each require further project specific development and editing by the AE or in-house team preparing the RFP.

In addition the Small Project Template (SPT) is recommended for certain smaller projects that have a contract value of less than $4 million. See the SPT download page for decision guidance on when to use the SPT. Approval for the use of the SPT is required from the Contracting Officer’s Representative.

The template links below will take you to the respective pages where you can download the templates in whole or by single parts.

Training: NAVFAC Design-Build Continuing Education

See also: NAVFAC Design-Build RFP Uniformat Structure

Questions, comments and suggestions for the specific templates are welcome and may be submitted as criteria change requests. The location for making these criteria change requests is also found at the page for the specific template.

To view a list of the latest updates made to the DB-UFGS see Design-Build UFGS Revision/Change List

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