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The DoD Medical Space Planning Criteria lists specific requirements, which define and provide specialized working environments within medical facilities according to departments and function areas within the departments. The criteria provides current guidance for the most efficient utilization of space to meet medical requirements. Private sector standards of practice and unique military requirements have been taken into consideration during the development of these criteria.

Each section of space planning criteria provides the purpose and scope, definitions, policies, required program data elements, and specific space planning criteria by functional area.

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Title Date View
110 General 12-15-2022  PDF
120 Occupancy Rates 06-01-2016  PDF
130 Net to Gross Conversion Factors 07-01-2018  PDF
210 General Administration 06-24-2021  PDF
230 Education and Training 06-24-2021  PDF
240 Information Management 06-24-2021  PDF
250 Health Benefits & Patient Administration 08-31-2015  PDF
301 Primary Care/Patient Centered Medical Home 06-24-2021  PDF
302 Patient Centered Medical Home (Freestanding) 06-24-2021  PDF
303 Pediatric Clinic 06-24-2021  PDF
310 Audiology, Hearing Conservation, Speech-Language Pathology, and ENT Clinic 09-07-2021  PDF
311 Specialty Services 12-15-2022  PDF
312 Orthopedics, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 04-06-2022  PDF
313 Ophthalmology and Optometry 04-06-2022  PDF
316 Cardiology, Pulmonary, and Sleep Disorders Services 04-06-2022  PDF
318 Behavioral Health Ambulatory Care Services 09-07-2021  PDF
319 Preventive Medicine 07-01-2017  PDF
320 Dental Services 05-10-2022  PDF
350 Emergency and Ambulance Services 04-05-2022  PDF
360 Women's Health Clinic 01-01-2024  PDF
380 Occupational Therapy 05-10-2023  PDF
390 Physical Therapy 07-01-2017  PDF
410 Nursing Units 07-01-2017  PDF
420 Labor and Delivery/Obstetric Units 07-01-2017  PDF
430 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 06-01-2016  PDF
440 Surgical Inverventional Services & Ambulatory Surgery Center 07-01-2017  PDF
450 Sterile Processing 07-01-2017  PDF
460 Inpatient Behavioral Health, Partial Hospitalization, Substance Abuse & Alcohol Rehab 07-01-2017  PDF
5.7 Chapel 08-04-2010  PDF
510 Food Service 07-01-2017  PDF
520 Logistics 07-01-2017  PDF
530 Pathology and Clinical Laboratory 07-01-2017  PDF
540 Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology 07-01-2017  PDF
550 Pharmacy (Inpatient and Outpatient) 07-01-2017  PDF
560 Veterinary Services 07-01-2017  PDF
610 Common Areas 04-06-2022  PDF