NAVFAC ECB 2018-01 API 653 Fuel Tanks: Prioritization, Reporting, and Modification Processing -- Type: Policy

The purpose of this ECB is to provide guidance and policy to ensure that post award modifications (MODs) for American Petroleum Institute (API) 653 fuel tanks are properly coordinated and processed in order to enable timely construction execution under the Clean, Inspect, Repair (CIR) process.

NASA Building Information Modeling Scope of Services And Requirements For Architects And Engineers

This document defines the A-E's scope of work and deliverables for using Building Information Modeling on NASA projects delivered using a design, bid, build methodology. If attached to a Request for Proposal for Architectural Services, the Architect-Engineer's (A-E's) response should include the below tasks and deliverables within its proposal. If attached to the A-E's contract for services, the tasks and deliverables required by this document become an integral part of the A-E's contract for services.