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Handbook for Concrete and Cement

See the Table of Contents for a complete listing. Those standards and specifications that are dual CRD-C and ASTM or ACI may be obtained from those organizations. The remainder are available below. Click the 'Title' or 'Date' heading to sort by ascending or descending order.

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Federal Specification and American Concrete Institute Standards - Index 09-01-1997  PDF
Table of Contents; revised 12/02 09-01-1997 12-01-2002  PDF
CRD-C100-75 Method of Sampling Concrete Aggregate and Aggregate Sources, and Selection of Material for Testing 03-01-1975  PDF
CRD-C104-80 Method of Calculation of the Fineness Modulus of Aggregate 03-01-1980  PDF
CRD-C112-69 Method of Test for Surface Moisture in Aggregate by Water Displacement 09-01-1969  PDF
CRD-C114-97 Test Method for Soundness of Aggregates by Freezing and Thawing of Concrete Specimens 03-01-1997  PDF
CRD-C120-94 Test Method for Flat and Elongated Particles in Fine Aggregate 09-01-1994  PDF
CRD-C124-73 Method of Test for Specific Heat of Aggregates, Concrete, and Other Materials (Method of Mixtures) 06-01-1973  PDF
CRD-C125-63 Method of Test for Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion of Coarse Aggregates (Strain-Gage Method) 06-01-1963  PDF
CRD-C126-63 Method of Test for Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Mortar 06-01-1963  PDF
CRD-C130-01 Standard Recommended Practice for Estimating Scratch Hardness of Course Aggregate Particles 01-01-2001  PDF
CRD-C143-62 Specifications for Meters for Automatic Indication of Moisture in Fine Aggregates 06-01-1962  PDF
CRD-C144-92 Standard Test Method for Resistance of Rock to Freezing and Thawing 12-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C148-69 Method of Testing Stone for Expansive Breakdown on Soaking in Ethylene Glycol 03-01-1969  PDF
CRD-C154-77 Standard Test Method for Determination of Moisture in Fine Aggregate for Concrete by Means of a Calcium-Carbide Gas Pressure Meter 12-01-1977  PDF
CRD-C161-92 Standard Practice for Selecting Proportions for Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) Pavement Mixtures Soil Compaction Concepts 09-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C163-92 Test Method for Water Permeability of Concrete Using Triaxial Cell 09-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C164-92 Standard Test Method for Direct Tensile Strength of Cylindrical Concrete of Mortar Specimens 12-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C166-92 Standard Test Method for Static Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete in Tension 12-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C169-97 Standard Test Method for Resistance of Rock to Wetting and Drying 09-01-1997  PDF
CRD-C171-94 Standard Test Method for Determining Percentage of Crushed Particles in Aggregate 06-01-1995  PDF
CRD-C213-92 Test Method for the Presence of Sugar in Cement, Mortar, Concrete, or Aggregates 09-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C231-63 Method of Test for Volume Changes in Neat Cement Bars 06-01-1963  PDF
CRD-C24-01 Standard Test Method for Comparing Concretes on Basis of Bond Developed with Reinforced Steel 01-01-2001  PDF
CRD-C260-01 Standard Test Mothod for Tensile Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars 01-01-2001  PDF
CRD-C261-76 Method of Test to Determine Whether Portland Cement is Contaminated with Fly Ash 03-01-1968  PDF
CRD-C300-90 Corp of Engineers Specifications for Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete 06-01-1990  PDF
CRD-C301-67 Methods for Sampling, Packaging, Marking, and Delivery of Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete 06-01-1967  PDF
CRD-C302-79 Test Method for Sprayability and Unit Moisture Loss Through the Membrane Formed by a Concrete Curing Compound 06-01-1979  PDF
CRD-C307-91 Method for Calculation of Amount of Ice Needed to Produce Mixed Concrete of a Specified Temperature 03-01-1991  PDF
CRD-C311-69 Method of Test for Drying Time and Reflectance by the Membrane Formed by a Concrete Curing Compound 12-01-1969  PDF
CRD-C316-79 Federal Specification: Thinner, Paint, Mineral Spirits, Regular and Odorless (TT-T-291F with Interim Amendment 1 and Notice 1) 01-01-1979  PDF
CRD-C318-79 Federal Specification (for) Cloth, Burlap, Jute (or Kenaf) (CCC-C-467C with Notice 1) 02-01-1972  PDF
CRD-C32-84 Standard Test Method for Flow Under Water of Hydraulic-Cement Concrete 03-01-1984  PDF
CRD-C36-73 Method of Test for Thermal Diffusivity of Concrete 12-01-1973  PDF
CRD-C37-73 Method of Test for Thermal Diffusivity of Mass Concrete 12-01-1973  PDF
CRD-C38-73 Method of Test for Temperature Rise in Concrete 12-01-1973  PDF
CRD-C39-81 Test Method for Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion of Concrete 06-01-1981  PDF
CRD-C400-63 Requirements for Water for Use in Mixing or Curing Concrete 06-01-1963  PDF
CRD-C401-75 Method of Test for the Straining Properties of Water 06-01-1975  PDF
CRD-C403-71 Test Method for Determination of Sulfate Ion in Soils and Water 09-01-1971  PDF
CRD-C406-79 Test Method for Compressive Strength of Mortar for Use in Evaluating Water for Mixing Concrete 06-01-1979  PDF
CRD-C44-63 Method for Calculation of Thermal Conductivity of Concrete 06-01-1963  PDF
CRD-C45-65 Method of Test for Thermal Conductivity of Lightweight Insulating Concrete 12-01-1965  PDF
CRD-C48-92 Standard Test Method for Water Permeability of Concrete 12-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C49-74 Supplementary Standard Methods of Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Laboratory 06-01-1974  PDF
CRD-C50-69 Method of Test for Effect of Grinding During Concrete Mixing on the Grading of Aggregates 03-01-1969  PDF
CRD-C513-74 Corps of Engineers Specifications for Rubber Waterstops 06-01-1974  PDF
CRD-C514-92 Concrete Plant Standards - Ninth Revision 12-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C515-81 Method of Preparation of Test Specimens from Rubber of Plastic Waterstop 09-01-1981  PDF
CRD-C516-71 Method of Test for Verification of Compression Testing Machines Using Calibrated Proving Rings 06-01-1971  PDF
CRD-C517-71 Method of Test for Verifying Machines for Use in Flexural Strength Tests of Concrete Mattresses 09-01-1971  PDF
CRD-C521-81 Standard Test Method for Frequency and Amplitude of Vibrators for Concrete 09-01-1981  PDF
CRD-C522-88 Standard Methods of Testing Joint Sealants, Cold-Applied, Non-Jet-Fuel-Resistant for Rigid and Flexible Pavements 12-01-1988  PDF
CRD-C525-89 Corps of Engineers Test Method for Evaluation of Hot-Applied Joint Sealants for Bubbling Due to Heating 12-01-1989  PDF
CRD-C526-92 Federal Specification: Sealants, Joint, Two-Component, Jet-Blast-Resistant, Cold-Applied for Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (SS-S-200E) 12-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C527-88 Standard Specification for Joint Sealants, Cold-Applied, Non-Jet-Fuel-Resistant, for Rigid and Flexible Pavements 12-01-1988  PDF
CRD-C529-92 Federal Specification, Sealants, Joint, Jet-Fuel-Resistant, Hot-Applied, for Portland Cement and Tar Concrete Pavements (SS-S-1614A with Amendement 1 and Notices 1 & 2) 01-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C53-01 Test Method for Consistency of No-Slump Concrete Using Modified Vebe Apparatus 12-01-2001  PDF
CRD-C530-92 Federal Specification, Sealant, Joint, Not-Jet-Fuel-Resistant, Hot-Applied, for Portland Cement and Asphalt Concrete Pavements (SS-S-1401C with Amendment 1 and Notices 1 & 2) 01-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C540-01 Standard Specification for Nonbituminous Inserts for Contraction Joints in Portland Cement Concrete Airfield Pavements, Sawable Type 01-01-2001  PDF
CRD-C541-88 Sealing Compound, Elastomeric Type, Single Component (for Calking, Sealing and Glazing in Buildings and Other Structures) (TT-S-00230c with Amendment 2 and Notice 1) 01-01-1988  PDF
CRD-C542-79 Sealing Compound: Silicone Rubber Base (for Calking, Sealing and Glazing in Buildings and Other Structures) (TT-S-001543A) 01-01-1979  PDF
CRD-C543-79 Sealing Compound: Single Component, Butyl Rubber Based, Solvent Release Type (for Buildings and Other Types of Construction) (TT-S-001657 with Notice 1) 01-01-1979  PDF
CRD-C544-92 Insulation, Blankets, Thermal (Mineral Fiber, Industrial Type) (Inch-Pound) (HH-I-558C) 01-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C547-88 Standard Methods of Testing for Jet-Fuel and Heat Resistance of Preformed Polychloroprene Elastomeric Joint Seals... 12-01-1988  PDF
CRD-C548-88 Standard Specifications for Jet-Fuel and Heat-Resistant Preformed Polychloroprene Elastomeric Joint Seals for Rigid Pavements 12-01-1988  PDF
CRD-C55-92 Test Method for Within-Batch Uniformity of Freshly Mixed Concrete 09-01-1992  PDF
CRD-C572-74 Corps of Engineers Specifications for Polyvinylchoride Waterstops 06-01-1974  PDF
CRD-C575-74 Method of Test for Change in Weight of Rubber on Immersion in Water 06-01-1974  PDF
CRD-C6-74 Method of Test for Remolding Effort of Freshly Mixed Concrete 03-01-1974  PDF
CRD-C61-89A Test Method for Determining the Resistance of Freshly Mixed Concrete to Washing Out in Water 12-01-1989  PDF
CRD-C62-69 Method of Testing Cylindrical Test Specimens for Planeness and Parallelism of Ends and Perpendicularity of Sides 12-01-1969  PDF
CRD-C620-80 Standard Method of Sampling Fresh Grout 12-01-1980  PDF
CRD-C643-01 Standard Test Methods for Compressive Strength of Masonry Prisms 01-01-2001  PDF
CRD-C649-95 Standard Test Method for Unit Weight, Marshall Stability, and Flow of Bituminous Mixture 02-01-1995  PDF
CRD-C650-95 Standard Test Method for Density and Percent Voids in Compacted Bituminous Paving Mixtures 12-01-1995  PDF
CRD-C651-95 Standard Gyratory Testing Machine Method for Design of Hot-Mix Bituminous Pavement Mixtures 12-01-1995  PDF
CRD-C652-95 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Reduction in Marshall Stability of Bituminous Mixtures Caused by Immersion in Water 12-01-1995  PDF
CRD-C653-95 Standard Test Method for Determination of Moisture-Density Relation of Soils 12-01-1995  PDF
CRD-C654-95 Standard Test Method for Determining the California Bearing Ratio of Soils 12-01-1995  PDF
CRD-C655-95 Standard Test Method for Determining the Modulus of Soil Reaction 12-01-1995  PDF
CRD-C656-95 Standard Test Method for Determining the California Bearing Ratio and for Sampling Pavment by the Small-Aperture Procedure 12-01-1995  PDF
CRD-C661-06 Specification for Antiwashout Admixtures for Concrete 03-01-2006  PDF
CRD-C662-10 Determining the Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Combinations of Cementitious Materials, Lithium Nitrate Admixture and Aggregate (Accelerated Mortar-Bar Method) 01-01-2010  PDF
CRD-C71-80 Standard Test Method for Ultimate Tensile Strain Capacity of Concrete 03-01-1980  PDF
CRD-C72-01 Standard Test Methods for Determining the Cement 01-01-2001  PDF
CRD-C82-01 Standard Test Methods for Determining the Water 01-01-2001  PDF
CRD-C89-64 Method of Test for Longitudinal Shear Strength, Unconfined, Single Plane 03-01-1964  PDF
CRD-C90-73 Method of Test for Transverse Shear Strength, Confined, Single Plane or Double Plane 09-01-1973  PDF
CRD-C94-66 Corps of Engineers Specification for Surface Retarders 03-01-1995  PDF