TSEWG TP-22 Airfield/Heliport/Helipad Portable Lighting Requirements in a Theater Of Operations (TO) (FOR ARMY ONLY)

This Technical Paper provides U.S. Army policy for portable lighting requirements at airfields, heliports, helipads and other landing areas for contingency, training, and temporary use in a TO. It applies to all Army organizations responsible for operating Army airfield/heliports/helipads or employing portable lighting systems.

It is intended for:

USACE ECB 2018-6 Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Facility Data Requirements -- Category: Directive and Guidance

This Engineering and Construction Bulletin (ECB) establishes the mandatory use of the UFGS 01 78 24.00 10, “Facility Data Requirements” (Ref. a.) applicable to projects as described below. This specification facilitates procurement of electronic operations and maintenance (O&M) facility data for use by Department of the Army (DA) stakeholders in various systems of record. Use of this specification improves the quality of the data, the flexibility of use, and its portability.