Clinical Series: Mental Health Design Guide

This Design Guide is intended to be a transformational document, reflecting the important psychological impact environments have on patients and staff. In addition to providing technical architectural and engineering specifications, this Design Guide emphasizes principles and strategies for building state-of-the-art, recovery-oriented environments for mental health settings in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). As such, this Design Guide reflects a new vision and philosophy for designing mental health facilities that is rooted in hope, healing, and recovery.

M2, Metric Design Guide

After January 1994, all GSA renovation and new construction projects shall be designed in metric. We thank the private firms, contractors, government agencies, and individuals who provided feedback. This document may be freely copied and distributed. Our goals for this edition have been:

  1. Give lessons learned on use of metric
  2. Minimize impact on design firms, contractors, and producers, while complying with the national directive of complete metric conversion
  3. Use private sector guidance wherever possible
  4. Convert to a metric thought process