NASA Building Information Modeling Scope of Services And Requirements For Architects And Engineers (NASA-STD-10001)  


The purpose of this NASA Technical Standard is to define the scope of work and deliverables for architects and engineers (A–E) using Building Information Modeling (BIM) on NASA projects delivered in compliance with NPR 8820.2, NASA Facility Project Requirements, and the Facilities Design Policies Guidelines, published by NASA Facilities and Real Estate Division (FRED). BIM may be attached to a Request for Proposals for Architectural Services; the A–E's responses should include the tasks and deliverables in this NASA Technical Standard within their proposals.

If BIM is attached to the A–E's contract for services, the tasks and deliverables required by this NASA Technical Standard become an integral part of the A–E's contract for services in compliance with NPR 8820.2 and the Facilities Design Policies Guidelines. BIM, when used effectively, provides opportunities to improve facility quality while maintaining or reducing facility cost. In addition, BIM creates opportunities for reusing data for multiple purposes, including NASA's operation and maintenance of its facilities. To achieve these ends, the BIM should be structured to achieve the required purposes. This NASA Technical Standard describes NASA's requirements for use of BIM in the design and development of its facilities. This NASA Technical Standard is applicable to A–E using BIM on NASA projects delivered using either a design–bid–build or a design–build methodology.