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ANGETL 04-01 Airfield/Airspace Waiver Request and Renewal   08-30-2004  PDF
ANGETL 10-04 Military Construction Cooperative Agreements (MCCA)   06-03-2010  PDF
ANGETL 11-12 Compliance with Handicapped Acessibility Standards   12-16-2011  PDF
ANGETL 12-05 Design and Construction Handbook   07-06-2012  PDF
ANGETL 12-07 Preparation of Project Documentation Package   07-06-2012  PDF
ANGETL 14-01 Authorized Element of Expense Investment Codes and Financial Plan Preparation for Facilities Operations and Maintenance Activities, Environmental, Fire Protection, Activities   12-19-2014  PDF
ANGETL 14-12 Use of Appendix 21 Facilities Operations and Maintenance Activities (FOMA) Funds to Support Organizational Equipment   12-19-2014  PDF
ANGETL 14-13 Facility Operations (FO) Policies and Procedures for Janitorial Contracts and Janitorial Services (EEIC 570F8) under Appendix 21, FOMA   12-19-2014  PDF
ANGETL 14-14 Policies and Procedures   06-24-2014  PDF
ANGETL 15-01 ANG Design Policy   05-01-2015  PDF
ANGETL 15-01-01 Sustainable Design, Development, and Resource Conservation   05-01-2015  PDF
ANGETL 15-01-04 Mechanical Engineering   05-01-2015  PDF
ANGETL 15-01-05 Electrical and Communications Engineering   05-01-2015  PDF
ANGETL 15-03 MILCON Project Closeout   03-18-2015  PDF
ANGETL 16-02 Design and Construction Reports   12-30-2016  PDF
ANGETL 16-03 Design Meetings and Presentations   12-01-2016  PDF
ANGETL 17-02 Facility Board Implementation   06-14-2017  PDF
ANGETL 19-12 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Format Specifications   11-18-2019  PDF
ANGETL 21-13 Sustainment Management Systems Guidance   02-23-2021  PDF
ANGETL 21-14 Air National Guard Engineering Technical Letter (ANGETL) 21-14, Air National Guard Capitalization and Construction in Progress (CIP) Process   08-18-2021  PDF
ANGETL 22-11 Programming Guidance   04-01-2022  PDF
ANGETL 22-12 Policies and Procedures for Calculating Work Order Shop Rates   04-01-2022  PDF
ANGETL 24-01-02 SCIF & AT Guidance   03-31-2024  PDF
ANGETL 24-01-03 Fire Protection Design Guidance   03-31-2024  PDF
ANGETL 24-01-07 Airfield and Vehicle Pavement Design Guidance   03-31-2024  PDF
ANGETL 24-02 Air National Guard Design Objectives And Procedures   04-05-2024  PDF