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GIS Systems Lead Response to COVID-19

The widespread use of GIS for COVID-19 response has demonstrated the power of geospatial thinking and the scalability, speed, and insight provided by GIS. More than simply mapping phenomena, GIS uses geography to furnish context for events in a common reference system. Applying spatial analysis tools, GIS brings out the relationships, patterns, and associations that are often hidden by the complexity of data. GIS has been critical to the ability of state and local governments to react to the pandemic.

IES Explains Germicidal UltraViolet in Simplified Format

The Illuminating Engineering Society website offers a simplified way to quickly see the frequently asked questions contained in the IES Photobiology Committee's Committee Report CR-2-20-V1: Germicidal UltraViolet. The full report, which contains supporting information on this topic as well as an introductory video, also is available on the site. The FAQs presented were vetted through the ANSI-approved standards development process through a consensus of volunteers representing varied viewpoints and interests.