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HKS Explores COVID-19's Effect on Multifamily Design

Four HKS Architects staffers teamed up to write "How Design Will Shift to Accommodate Post-COVID-19 Multifamily Living," posted on the firm’s website. They point out that while single-family homeowners have more leeway to adapt their homes to new spatial needs dropped on us so suddenly by COVID-19, many apartment tenants feel boxed in by intractable surroundings.

AIA Announces International Distribution of Its Alternate Care Site Checklist for COVID-19

The AIA's alternate care site checklist, produced by a special COVID-19 task force, is being distributed internationally by the U.S. State Department, which translated the tool into French, Spanish, and Portuguese. The checklist, just released in its second version (V2), highlights important criteria for evaluation of buildings considered for use as temporary healthcare operations during a pandemic.