SpecsIntact for NMCI Users  

The current NMCI approved version of SpecsIntact (SI) is NMCI will soon begin the process of certifying the latest web release of SpecsIntact, version

Alternative Update Option:
It is possible to run the current SpecsIntact release version, provided that an earlier version of SpecsIntact is already installed.

For users with NMCI installed SpecsIntact software:

  1. Download this file (ZIP 14.8 MB) from the SpecsIntact web site. This application runs in conjunction with the existing SpecsIntact program.
  2. After downloading this .zip file, create a new folder on your C:\ drive outside your Documents folder and outside your user profile folders (NMCI security restrictions restrict software run from your Documents or user profile folders). For example, the folder C:\SI would be outside your user profile and Documents folders.
  3. Unzip (select files and copy) the contents into this new folder.
  4. Open the SpecsIntact folder inside the new folder you just created, and double click on the SpecsIntact.exe file to run it.
  5. Run this executable file each time you need to use this version of SpecsIntact.

Note: SpecsIntact must be installed for this option to work.

Known Issues:

  1. When trying to open the installed version of SpecsIntact, a DWG TrueView 2018 dialog box might appear and launch the Windows Installer. The installer then runs until an error message appears.
    1. Close any instances of SI or DWG Trueview installers.
    2. Find DWG Trueview in the Start menu and run it to begin its installation.
    3. When prompted for DWG files association, click on 'Skip Association.'
    4. Let DWG Trueview installation complete and start.
    5. Close DWG Trueview.
    6. Run SpecsIntact normally.
  2. When publishing to Word format, SpecsIntact may appear to stall if Microsoft Word issues a security warning that remains hidden. If this happens, a Microsoft Word icon will appear on your taskbar. Click on it to access the security warning, and select 'Enable Macros' to continue publishing to Word. You will need to repeat this for each Section published.

  3. When opening a SpecsIntact published Word document, you may see a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications security warning about macros being disabled. Click 'OK' in this message, and then 'Enable Content' in the yellow bar security warning near the top to edit the document.

For questions, please contact SpecsIntact technical support: 321-867-8800  |   KSC-SpecsIntact@nasa.gov

Additional Resources

SpecsIntact Help Center provides access to the eLearning Modules, Installation and QuickStart Guides, Knowledge Base, and Online Help.

The SpecsIntact Knowledge Base is the first resource recommended for those who encounter any problems while using SpecsIntact, including those having problems publishing to Word or PDF formats.

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