Electrical Details (For Magazines Not Covered by Update Standard Drawings)  


NAVFAC has developed updated standard drawings for the following five magazine types that incorporate the criteria in UFC 4-420-01 Design: Ammunition and Explosives Storage Magazines: Type C, Type D, Type D HSIL, Type E, Type F.
For other types of magazines, additional requirements must be added to the standard drawings during design to ensure the UFC criteria and the following criteria is met.

  1. Ground bars, for ordnance grounds, are not required inside the magazine unless specified by the using Activity. Instead, install a minimum of three ground studs inside the facility (one ordnance ground stud on back wall and two static ground studs, one on each side wall). The ground studs do not require periodic testing until a ground bar is added and they are placed in service. A temporary ground can be connected to a ground stud when necessary.
  2. Provide a "Single Point Ground Bar" on the interior magazine side wall with the conduit entrances. Locate adjacent to panel board when the panel board is inside the magazine. Provide a bonding jumper from the ground bar to the EES. All conduits must enter the magazine near this location, and must be bonded to the ground bar with a bonding jumper. Note: heat tracing circuits that do not rise above grade on the exterior of the facility are not required to penetrate at this location.
  3. All other metallic piping (including water and fire protection) shall also enter the magazine near this location and shall be bonded to the "Single Point Ground Bar".

The following details have been developed in an AutoCAD "plate" format and may be applicable to both ECM & AGM designs, unless otherwise noted (UON).

Federal Facility Criteria: