UFC 3-260-01 Airfield and Heliport Planning and Design  


This manual prescribes dimensional and geometric layout criteria for safe standards for airfields, landing zones, heliports and helipads, and related permanent facilities, as well as the navigational airspace surrounding these facilities. Criteria in this manual pertain to all Department of Defense (DOD) military facilities in the United States, its territories, trusts, and possessions, and unless otherwise noted, to DOD facilities overseas on which the United States has vested base rights. For DOD facilities overseas; if a written agreement exists between the host nation and the DOD that requires application of either North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), or Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards, those standards shall apply as stipulated within the agreement; however, DOD proponents shall apply the criteria within this manual to the maximum extent practicable.

United States Air Force (USAF) bases within the European theater may be authorized by Headquarters United States Forces in Europe (HQ USAFE) to use NATO criteria. Tenant organizations on civil airports in the continental United States (CONUS) will use these criteria to the extent practicable; otherwise, FAA criteria will apply. Specifically, on airfield areas that are joint-use or with restrictions and clear zones generated by joint-use areas, the FAA criteria contained in FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5300-13 is applicable. For areas where airfield surfaces are Air National Guard (ANG) controlled, whether fee-owned or exclusive use leased, the criteria contained in this manual are applicable. Procedures for pavement structural design and pavement marking and lighting are beyond the scope of this manual.

Standard Drawings:
Standard drawings referenced in UFC 3-260-01 for F-35 VL Pad and F-35 LHD Simulated Deck are available in PDF and CAD but are not posted here. To obtain documents, please submit a Criteria Change Request (CCR) via the link below. Only government contracting officials with valid need should submit this request via CCR. Private entities should contact their contract representatives.

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