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Established in 1939, the Administrative Office is the administrative arm of the federal Judiciary devoted to serving the courts in fulfilling the federal judicial system's critical mission, which is providing justice to the citizens of this country. The agency provides service to the federal courts in three essential areas: administrative support, program management, and policy development. It is charged with implementing the policies of the Judicial Conference of the United States and supporting the network of Conference committees. And, it is the focal point for Judiciary communication, information, program leadership, and administrative reform.

The agency is a unique entity in government. Neither the executive branch nor the legislative branch has any one comparable organization that provides the broad range of services and functions that the Administrative Office does for the judicial branch. The agency's lawyers, public administrators, accountants, systems engineers, analysts, architects, statisticians, and other staff provide a broad array of professional services to meet the needs of judges and others working in federal courts nationwide.

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