Planning and Financing Renewable Energy Projects  


This series covers the fundamentals of renewable energy systems, including primary components, requirements, and best practices for utilizing renewable energy for electricity, heating, cooling, and other applications at Federal facilities. Participants will:

  • Understand the various types of renewable energy technologies, their benefits, uses, and limitations and key considerations for implementation;
  • Discuss steps in the project delivery process from initial screening to system procurement to commissioning to close-out;
  • Consider options for renewable energy project funding and renewable power purchasing;
  • Evaluate the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) as an option for renewable energy generation on a Federal site; and
  • Develop required contracting documents, such as RFPs, that take advantage of performance based contracting.


Course Level
FEMPFTS10 Renewable Energy Intermediate
FEMP12 Distributed-Scale Renewable Energy Projects: From Planning to Project Closeout Intermediate
FEMP04 Federal On-Site Renewable Power Purchase Agreements Introductory
FEMP57 Renewable Energy On-site Project Implementation Process Introductory

Certicate Request

To obtain a Series Certificate after completing the set of courses, print your transcript from the new WBDG continuing education system and submit your information from the FEMP Series Certificate Request Form. Upon submittal your information will be forwarded to a FEMP representative. Once the completion record is verified, you will receive your certificate via email.