Room Finishes, Door and Hardware Schedule  

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This document provides guidelines for interior finishes, doors, and hardware for new or renovated facilities constructed within the Department of Veterans Affairs. The essential criteria for selection of these materials are their appropriateness for function and space, sustainability, life cycle costs, durability, and ease of maintenance. The requirements in this Program Guide apply to new construction projects and to renovation projects where the existing finishes and door openings are not suitable for the intended use of the space involved.

The Door, Hardware, and Finish Schedules are intended as VA Standards that are intended to be followed for the selection of finishes, doors, and hardware. The Architect, Interior Designer, and Hardware Consultant shall consult and review the requirements with the facility to understand the functions of the rooms for that particular project and adjust finishes, doors, and hardware accordingly. Security systems standards at various facilities may require selection of different devices such as push button locks, card readers, or proximity readers as an example. Refer to Standard Details PG-18-4 for additional requirements.

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