Physical Security and Resiliency Design Manual (with Appendices)  

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Compliance Date: All projects in VA’s Major Construction Program that are in design at the effective date of the manual but have not concluded the 35-percent design milestone (defined as Schematic Design or SD2) must incorporate the requirements of this manual. Major projects that have reached the 35-percent design milestone are required to be in compliance with the edition of this manual effective at the time OR the current version, at the discretion of the Project Delivery Team.

This manual contains the baseline physical security and resiliency requirements for improving the protection of Mission Critical (MC) Facilities, Life-Safety Protected (LSP) Facilities, and LSP Facilities with MC Utilities/Systems Redundancies of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This updated manual has been retitled the Physical Security and Resiliency Design Manual (PSRDM). The physical security and resiliency design and construction requirements in this manual apply to new buildings, additions, and alteration/renovation of existing facilities and/or sites, owned by VA.

About this Revision: This version supersedes the January 01, 2015 versions of Physical Security Design Manual for VA Mission Critical Facilities and Physical Security Design Manual for VA Life-Safety Protected Facilities.

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