NEPA Interim Guidance for Projects  


The purpose of this Department of Veterans Affairs Interim NEPA Guidance (Interim Guidance) is to explain the requirements for environmental planning and how the process integrates with project planning and agency decision‐making. It is important for project managers and decision‐makers to have a clear understanding of the requirements for evaluating environmental information while engaging in agency activities. By integrating environmental analysis into the project planning and decision‐making process, project managers and decision‐makers can make more informed decisions and better avoid unforeseen circumstances.

This Interim Guidance will assist VA officials, employees, and contractors to plan and implement projects in compliance with the federal laws and regulations designed to protect the environment. The Interim Guidance contains a brief description of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), explains how VA can use the NEPA process to improve decisions and comply with environmental laws, and provides guidance on the types of environmental analysis and documentation necessary for VA projects. This guide is primarily focused on VA facility and construction projects, but NEPA applies to all VA actions (defined as: any decision, policy, project, plan, program, etc. subject to Department of Veterans Affairs control and responsibility which has the potential for an environmental impact).