Plumbing Design Manual  


This manual is a directive for Architecture and Engineering design professionals for the planning and design of the drainage, waste, vent, water distribution, storm drainage, natural gas and fuel gas, medical gas, medical vacuum, and specialty systems at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities. VA facilities have a wide range of occupants including patients, employees, volunteers, and visitors. An important mission of VA is to provide healthcare to Veterans who, in some cases, have severe disabilities, including sight, hearing, and mobility. The A/E must always keep the interest of the sick and/or disabled Veteran in mind when making decisions in locations where design choices affect Veterans.

This design manual will be utilized for all VA projects, including major, minor, and NRM projects. Systems must be designed in a manner that will result in the facility being sanitary, safe, reliable, and sustainable. This manual is intended for use by the A/E and others engaged in the design and renovation of VA facilities.

Building Types: