EO 13134 Developing and Promoting Biobased Products and Bioenergy  


The primary goal of Executive Order 13134, titled Developing and Promoting Biobased Products and Bioenergy, is to triple the use of bioenergy and biobased products by 2010 via commercial utilization of renewable farm and forestry resources as major sources of affordable electricity, fuels, chemicals, and other materials. Successful implementation of this strategy is expected to have long-term, beneficial impacts on America's energy, environmental, and economic policies. Through the coordination of federal efforts, technology will be developed that converts trees, plants, and other organic material into energy, while petroleum-based products will be increasingly replaced. Biomass can be used as fuel to power vehicles, to replace petroleum in making products, and to generate electricity, while bioenergy is seen as a way to power homes, vehicles, and businesses with virtually no emissions of gases that contribute to global warming. It is hoped that the heightened focus on biomass technology will build on existing efforts to create new and economically feasible options for farmers, foresters, and other material producers by shaping renewable farm and forestry resources into a major source of affordable electricity, fuel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other materials. In a separate memorandum, the DOE was also charged with the goal of tripling biobased product use. The DOE responded the very next day (13 August 1999) with over $13 million dollars in awards to promote the growth of the biomass industry.

Revoked by Executive Order 13423.

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