EPA 540/2-91/020A Guide for Conducting Treatability Studies Superfund Under CERCLA: Soil Washing: Interim Guidance  


This guide helps ensure a reliable and consistent approach in evaluating soil washing as a consideration for site remediation. This guide discusses the remedy screening and remedy selection levels of treatability testing. Remedy screening studies provide a quick and relatively inexpensive indication of whether soil washing is a potentially viable remedial technology. The remedy selection treatability test provides data to help determine if reductions in contaminant volumes will allow cost-effective treatment of residual contamination to meet cleanup goals. Remedy selection studies also provide preliminary estimates of the cost and performance data necessary to design either a remedy design study or a full-scale soil washing system. In general, remedy design studies will also be required to determine if soil washing is a viable treatment alternative for a site. Remedy design studies are conducted after the ROD and are typically vendor-specific. Therefore, remedy design is not discussed in this guidance document.