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The documents below are from the Tri-Service Electrical Working Group (TSEWG) and Pavements/Airfields Working Group (TSPWG) and are for reference purposes.

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TSEWG NAVAIR 51-50AAA-2 General Requirements for Shorebased Airfield Marking and Lighting   05-01-2003 11-01-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-01 Electrical Calculation Examples   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-02 Capacitors for Power Factor Correction   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-03 Surge Protector Performance and Evaluation Criteria   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-04 Stationary Battery and Charger Sizing   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-05 Interior Transformer Ratings and Installation   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-06 Low-Voltage Breaker Interrupting Ratings   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-07 Protection System Design   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-08 Equipment Enclosures and Hazardous Locations   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-09 Automatic Transfer Equipment   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-10 Arc Flash Levels for Fused Voltage Inputs to Electricity Meters   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-11 UFC 3-500-10N Best Practices   03-05-2009  PDF
TSEWG TP-12 UFC 3-500-10N Appendices   03-05-2009  PDF
TSEWG TP-13 UFC 3-501-03N Load Demand Analyses   03-05-2009  PDF
TSEWG TP-15 Arc Flash Calculations and Detailed Arc Flash Warning Labels   04-30-2012  PDF
TSEWG TP-16 Impressed Current Anode Material Selection and Design Considerations   05-08-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-17 Galvanic (Sacrificial) Anode Material Selection, Design Considerations   05-08-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-18 Frequently Asked Questions About Cathodic Protection System Equipment Testing   02-01-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-19 Static Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)   10-02-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-20 Air Visual Air Navigation Facilities: Qualifying Equipment   11-01-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-21 Visual Air Navigation Facilities: Air Facility Equipment Inspection and Testing   11-01-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-22 Airfield/Heliport/Helipad Portable Lighting Requirements in a Theater Of Operations (TO) (FOR ARMY ONLY)   04-03-2018  PDF
TSFPEWG G 3-600-01.01-18 Air Force Fire Protection Engineering Criteria and Technical Guidance For Mission Continuity of Electronic, Information Technology, and Telecommunications Equipment Installations, with Change 1   02-25-2021 04-21-2021  PDF
TSPWG 3-250-04_05-8 Use Of Off-The-Shelf Concrete Admixtures As Cold Weather Admixture Systems (CWAS)   09-25-2019  PDF
TSPWG 3-250-07.07-6 Risk Assessment Procedure for Recycling Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Suffering from Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) In Airfield Pavement Structures   07-15-2019  PDF
TSPWG 3-260-01.06-04 Expedient Trim Pad Anchoring Systems   10-15-2019  PDF
TSPWG 3-260-01.12-08 Contingency Aircraft Tie-Downs In Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Pavements   10-15-2019  PDF
TSPWG 3-260-02.11-4 Airfield Pavement Drainage Layers   09-25-2019  PDF
TSPWG 3-270-01.11-15 Repairing and Backfilling Earthen Structures With Flowable Fill   09-25-2019  PDF
TSPWG 3-270-08.14-03 Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP) for Airfield Pavements   10-15-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-250-03.11-3 Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)   09-25-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-250-04.06-2 Alkali-Aggregate Reaction In Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Airfield Pavements   09-25-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-250-04.97-05 Proportioning Concrete Mixtures With Graded Aggregates For Rigid Airfield Pavements   08-12-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-02.01-8 Resin Modified Pavement Design and Application Criteria   06-06-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-02.04-4 Trenchless Technology for Crossing Air Force Pavements   06-06-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-02.07-3 Jet Engine Thrust Standoff for Airfield Asphalt Edge Pavements   04-19-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-02.09-2 Contingency Airfield Pavement Specifications   08-12-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-03-00-2 Inspection of Trim Pad Anchor Systems   10-30-2017  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-03.02-19 Airfield Pavement Evaluation Standards and Procedures   10-19-2020  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-03.04-6 Inspection of Pavement Drainage Systems   10-30-2017  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-04.18-01 Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Retroreflective Glass Beads   01-24-2018  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-04.18-02 Airfield Marking Waiver Procedures   10-23-2020  PDF
TSPWG M 3-270-01.04-10 Determining the Need for Runway Rubber Removal   06-06-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-270-01.08-2 Testing Protocol for Rapid Setting Rigid Repair Material   10-05-2020  PDF
TSPWG M 3-270-01.08-4 Testing Protocol for Polomeric Spall Repair Materials   02-28-2017  PDF
TSPWG M 3-270-01.3-270-07 O&M: Airfield Damage Repair   05-21-2020  PDF
TSPWG M 3-32-17.07-10 Evaluation and Restoration of Folded Fiberglass Mats (FFM)   09-09-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-32-17.07-2 Anchoring a Fiberglass Mat Assembly in Asphalt Concrete Pavement   06-06-2019  PDF
TSPWG TSC 13-1 Inspector’s Manual for Hot-Mixed Asphalt and Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Construction   01-01-2013  PDF