USACE ECB 2023-4 Engaging Centers of Expertise in Project Delivery Teams and New Website-- Category: Directive and Policy  


Project Managers and Technical Leads must engage and utilize CXs as detailed and described in ER 1110-1-8158. There are Mandatory Centers of Expertise (MCXs), Technical Centers of Expertise (TCXs) and Centers of Standardization (COS) defined in ER 1110-1-8158. These are listed in Attachment A. All Major Subordinate Commands and District Commands must coordinate with and use the expertise and services of the applicable MCXs to satisfactorily accomplish their mission. Consultation with applicable Technical Centers of Expertise (TCX) is recommended and must be considered for all projects. Project Managers and Technical Leads must engage all relevant CXs in project execution as early in the project schedule as possible.