TechNote 30 Nail Laminated Timber (NLT)  


Nail Laminated Timber (NLT) is a mass timber product created by turning dimensional lumber on edge and mechanically fastening the laminations together with nails. NLT is most commonly utilized for floor and roof systems, though it can also be used for walls, elevator shafts, and stair shafts.

Wood Structural Panel sheathing (plywood or OSB) is added to the face of NLT to provide in-plane shear capacity for shearwalls and diaphragms. NLT can be fabricated on the project site or in a more controlled (factory or shop) environment. Architectural and structural options are numerous since NLT can be created from any size, species, or grade of lumber and can be formed to the shape of its support (i.e. curved roofs, etc.).

Federal Facility Criteria: