Air Force Installation Force Protection Guide  

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Replaced by: UFC 4-010-01

The purpose of this document is to provide general guidance on force protection issues for the planning, design, and construction of Air Force installations and facilities to reduce the vulnerability of Air Force personnel to terrorist attacks. It is intended to raise the level of awareness among commanders, planners, designers, engineers, security personnel, and facility users to the issues of force protection that must be considered to minimize loss of personnel and property by planning for force protection and implementing physical security measures as the threat increases.

Force protection refers to measures designed to protect personnel, facilities, and equipment that support national defense missions. This document contains guidelines intended to be applied when and if installation or higher headquarters commanders determine the need exists. These measures are aimed at minimizing loss of life and other critical assets. Implementation of force protection should be based on the assessment of the threat (considering that the threat may be transitory and/or changeable), resources available, and command decisions.

Federal Facility Criteria: