Energy Efficiency Expert Evaluations  

Education Type: 
1.5 Hours


0.2 CEU
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DOE Federal Energy Management Program - FEMP

This seminar will describe a step-by-step method to conduct an "energy efficiency expert evaluation," a customized process to meet site-specific energy goals. This approach combines the most effective features of an energy audit and retro-commissioning, while avoiding the limitations of each. Learn about a multi-disciplinary process to streamline site visit planning and on-site discovery, recommend corrective measures, establish a "master list of findings," and complete the project handoff.


Ed St. Germain, Enviro-Management and Research, Inc.   

Ed St. Germain is Director of Energy and Environment Support at Enviro-Management and Research, Inc. (EMR). Mr. St. Germain has more than 37 years of public and private sector facility, maintenance management, and energy technical assistance experience, specifically in reliability centered maintenance (RCM), retro-commissioning, and energy saving alternatives..

Learning Objectives

By completing this course you will have a demonstrated knowledge of:

  • Establish key performance goals and assemble a well-qualified team during the planning phase;
  • Conduct a kick-off meeting and a site walk-through during the discovery phase;
  • Conduct inspections and tests, collect operational data and trends, trouble-shoot problems, and conduct O&M training during the correction phase; and
  • Prioritize a "short-list" of low-cost and no-cost opportunities and report all major results in a "Master List of Findings" during the hand-off phase.