PBS-P100 Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service  


The Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service PBS-P100 (known as the P100) establishes design standards and criteria for new buildings, repairs and alterations, and modernizations for the Public Buildings Service (PBS) of the General Services Administration (GSA). This document also applies to lease construction with government option-to purchase buildings. This document contains policy and technical criteria to be used in the programming, design, construction, measurement & verification, and documentation of GSA facilities.

The P100 is a mandatory standard. It is not a guideline, textbook, handbook, training manual, nor substitute for technical competence. The P100 represents the current state of practice in designing facilities to meet GSA’s commitments, maximize the efficiency of business processes, and comply with the requirements of law.

The P100 must be used in conjunction with the governing standards referenced in this document, as well as the building program for each project. If conflicts exist between the facilities standards and a specific program and project requirements, contact the Office of Design and Construction for resolution. The design team must review compliance with the building program at each stage of the project, as required in Appendix A, to ensure that the requirements of the program, the P100, and relevant codes and standards have been met and to guard against unplanned expansion of the program because of design and engineering choices.