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Sustainable Federal Buildings Database

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This tool provides easy access to a compilation of federal agency policies and guidelines on energy efficient, sustainable government facilities. Exemplary policies from other levels of government are also included. Documents included range from general policy directives to specific design criteria and operating requirements.

Government agencies have developed numerous policies and procedures for designing, building, and operating environmentally-sustainable facilities. Often, the information contained in these documents is applicable across agencies. By compiling these documents and making them easily available, we hope to help agencies share best practices and avoid "reinventing the wheel" when developing new policies.

Our primary intended audience is members of the federal government who are involved in designing or implementing sustainable building policies. We believe that others may also find this compilation useful as an indication of the federal government's activities in sustainable building practices. This secondary audience would include architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers of energy-efficient and/or environmentally-friendly building materials.

FEMP will continue to update this site and encourage the sharing of ideas and best-practices among agencies. Please send your comments, questions, or information about additional documents to:

Anne Crawley
Federal Energy Management Program, US DOE
(202) 586-1505

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