NAVFAC Sustainable Development Program - U.S. Green Building Council and LEED®

Department of Navy LEED Certified Projects (10-08-2013) PDF 49 KB
NAVFAC LEED® Registration and Certification Instructions (08-13-2013) PDF 50 KB
NAVFAC Guidance for LEED® Online Signatories (08-13-2013) PDF 38 KB
LEED v4.0 credit-by-credit information (2013)
GBCI Secure Submittal Guidance for LEED 2009 Projects (07-03-2013) PDF 102 KB
LEED 2009 projects containing documentation of a sensitive nature should utilize this instruction when registering and tracking the project in LEED-Online Version 3 (LOv3). There is an additional fee associated with this tracking. Work closely with your customer and GBCI/USGBC when utilizing this method of LEED tracking.
LEED 2009 Minimum Program Requirements (MPR) (01-2011) PDF 260 KB
LEED 2009 MPR Supplemental Guidance (Revision 2) (09-2011) PDF 827 KB
MPR 6 Department of Defense Exemption Process (07-2011) PDF 78 KB
On 25 July 2011, USGBC granted a retro-active exemption from MPR 6 for all DoD projects certified under LEED 2009 and registered for certification under LEED 2009, and to provide the exemption from MPR 6 for future projects that register for LEED certification under LEED 2009. Project teams are directed to use the "MPR 6 Department of Defense Exemption Process" for those projects certified under LEED 2009 and projects already registered for certification under LEED 2009 to retroactively request the exemption, and for future projects that will register for certification under LEED 2009.

NAVFAC's Corporate USGBC Membership

The Navy is a Corporate Member of the U.S. Green Building Council. With the Corporate ID (available by contacting NAVFAC), you can receive the following benefits:

  • Get valuable discounts on USGBC and LEED® programs and publications:
  • Build relationships with industry leaders, share information and best practice, and play an active role in advocating for green building issues and helping build consumer awareness:
  • Connect to resources you can't find anywhere else:
    • Monthly member e-newsletter with the latest news on USGBC and LEED
    • LEED training for your employees
    • Free company subscription to the award-winning GreenSource magazine
    • Searchable database of LEED Credit Interpretation Reports (CIRs)
    • Members-only reports and research
    • USGBC Member Day prior at Greenbuild