Air Force Building Information Modeling for MILCON Transformation


The following documents provide the minimum Building Information Modeling (BIM) requirements for Air Force facilities projects, as well as a template to assist in the development of a BIM Project Execution Plan (PxP) as required per awarded contract or proposal submission requirements:

AF Minimum BIM Requirements v2.1 (02-18-2015) PDF 266 KB
AF BIM PxP Template v2.1 (02-18-2015) DOC 852 KB

BIM Templates

Autodesk Revit S-File Template, Version 2011 RVT 2.6 MB
Using the Autodesk Revit S-File Template, Version 2011 PDF 518 KB
Autodesk Revit BIM Template for USAF MILCON Projects, Version 2010 ZIP 7.4 MB
USACE for Air Force MILCON Project Templates, 2015
USACE for Air Force MILCON Project Templates, 2016

Dynamic Prototype Program

This is the official location for Air Force's (AF) Dynamic Prototype Program. Dynamic Prototypes are 3D, modular parts of various facility types that can be assembled virtually to jump start project designs. This technique is intended to leverage the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM), incorporate the latest criteria for various building types, while maximizing the designers expertise.

Here, you have access to all prototype models and other general documents such as contracts, LEED checklists, harvesting language, BIM manuals, guidelines, and other pertinent information. You can also find a place to provide feedback on the program; we look forward to hearing what you have to say about this exciting new program.