UFC 2-100-01 Installation Master Planning, with Change 1  

Change / Revision Date: 

DOD Instruction 4165.70 (Real Property Management) establishes the requirement for installation master plans. The purpose of this UFC is to prescribe the DOD minimum requirements for master planning processes and products in accordance with the DOD instruction. The process is to use the tool of a Master Plan and its components to provide ongoing master planning of installations in support of the mission. DOD planners will use this UFC, the DODI, and applicable agency instructions to prepare master plans and other planning documents.

Affiliated design and programming professionals shall refer to the Master Plan as they prepare site-specific design proposals. By incorporating today’s needs and mission requirements into a compelling vision with clear goals and measurable objectives, installation planners can prepare a Master Plan that sustainably accommodates future change. This UFC outlines a total process for master planning (and ultimately the development of a Master Plan) through the preparation of linked plans that can be implemented in total or incrementally based on each service’s needs and resources.