Generic Project Management Plan (PMP)  

Archive (Canceled)

These instructions are intended for use by both Air Force and the Design Agent / Construction Agent (DA/CA) Project Managers who have a responsibility in the development of PMPs for MILCON projects. All instructions throughout the PMP are in italics. The specific instructions in each section are intended to serve as a reference during development of the section and are shown in italics at the beginning of each section. All instructions are to be deleted when the final PMP is prepared. A draft PMP is to be included with the final RD when submitted to the Air Force Design Manager (DM). The baseline PMP will be finalized by the Project Management Team at the Pre-Definition Conference. Additional reference information on the PMP requirements can be found in the US Air Force Project Manager’s Guide toMILCON Design and Construction (The Blue Book). For those projects requiring intensive management, the DM/CM and the DA/CA will establish a special management team. This special management team’s duties, responsibilis, goals, and procedures will be outlined in the PMP.

Federal Facility Criteria: