Architect-Engineer Services with the Air Force  

Archive (Canceled)

The Air Force retains A-E services for facility design, facility maintenance design, and repair, engineering studies, comprehensive planning, research and studies, research and development, environmental services and related development, work under the Brooks Act (P.L. 92-582; 40 U.S. 582; 40 U.S. Code 541-544). This includes administrative, religious, educational, recreational, industrial, maintenance, support facilities, housing, and utilities. Other efforts include Other efforts include installation planning and environmental programs such as environmental restoration, pollution prevention, and environmental compliance. Contracts for these efforts are issued by installation contracting offices or other agencies representing the Air Force. This brochure covers:

  • types of A-E Services E Services;
  • finding Air Force Design Work Finding Air Force Design Work;
  • A-E Solicitation Types E Solicitation Types;
  • A-E Selection Criteria;
  • the Selection Process The Selection Process;
  • small Business Program.
Federal Facility Criteria: