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Sustainable Building Rating Systems Summary

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Section 609 of GSA's Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 2006 (P.L. 109-115) asked GSA to report on its use of sustainable building rating systems. GSA chose to have a separate report done by independent experts to articulate criteria and reasons for using a rating system and to research more fully what is available to the public.

In drafting its report on Green Building Rating Systems, GSA sought a credible, third-party organization that would examine all the possibilities for the use of rating systems. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (one of the national laboratories managed by the Department of Energy) is an independent, academically solid organization that is well acquainted with green building. In addition, as a National Lab, they maintain rigorous standards for peer review. Of note, the owners of the Rating Systems reviewed the descriptions of their systems to ensure accuracy; and outside experts reviewed the findings and analysis.

The Sustainable Building Rating Systems Summary is organized in sections which sequentially collect, narrow and filter building rating system information to those which would be fitting for GSA's business objectives. Each of the rating systems examined has merits, and GSA will continue to evaluate them, and others, as they develop to determine how they may be applied to GSA projects in the future.

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