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T01-S06 Lessons from the Field: Building Climate Change Organizational Capacity

Meeting the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adapting to climate change and enhancing federal agency resilience to climate hazards requires federal agencies to evaluate their agency-wide capacity and readiness. Extensive research on climate change governance and organizational structures, integrating climate-related competencies into job descriptions and performance expectations, and building organization-wide culture, literacy, and capacity exists to inform how the federal government can lead by example.

T01-S05 What are Government Agencies Doing on Climate Change Workforce Literacy?

Since 2013, several Federal agencies and subnational governments have begun the journey to educate and train their workforce. From dedicated training programs for professionals who have a significant portfolio of climate change responsibilities, to leadership development programs and primers for a broader range of personnel. This training session will feature leaders who have overseen a range of climate change education, training, and leadership development programs administered in government agencies.