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UFC 1-300-01 Criteria Format Standard

This document provides a unified approach to the appearance, formatting and content of Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) and Facility Criteria (FC) documents. UFC and FC are used to provide technical information to plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain DoD facilities. FCs are criteria documents that are not unified with all Military Departments.

UFC 1-200-01 DoD Building Code, with Change 3

UFC 1-200-01 represents the foundational document of the UFC program in providing general building requirements and overarching criteria, establishing the use of consensus building codes and standards, establishing criteria implementation rules and protocols (including core UFC), and identifying unique military criteria. In accordance with the authority in MIL-STD-3007, UFC are prepared by DoD committees called Discipline Working Group (DWG), and are published by the Military Services under the authority of the Engineering Senior Executive Panel (ESEP), comprised of the following: