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ASHRAE Establishes Epidemic Task Force

ASHRAE has established a society-wide Epidemic Task Force to help deploy ASHRAE's technical resources to address the challenges of the current pandemic and future epidemics as it relates to the effects of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems on disease transmission. The task force also will offer recommendations for setting up temporary field hospitals in convention centers, arenas, and stadiums to deal with surges. For more information on the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force including resources and updates, visit the ASHRAE COVID-19 Preparedness Resources webpage.

AIA Offers Compendium of Good Samaritan Laws

The AIA’s Good Samaritan Compendium discusses the advantages of Good Samaritan laws, details each state's Good Samaritan protections for architects, and includes AIA model legislation for those interested in understanding and advocating for the adoption of such legislation by states. Related, but not included are laws pertaining to the portability of licensure. Architects licensed within the state for which the law is enacted are typically only eligible to provide volunteer disaster assistance.