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UL COVID-19 Support Center Highlights Real-Time Regulatory Changes and Updates to Enable Remote Audits

UL is offering a new COVID-19 Support and Service Center that’s designed to provide emergency response services to help businesses respond to the pandemic. The support center also offers UL updates related to the pandemic, including changes to enable remote audits and witnessed testing, resources to manage UL projects and follow-up service, and tools to highlight real-time regulatory changes and aid searches for alternative materials or components.

Code Officials Roundtable Webinar Series: Responding To COVID-19

The building safety industry is adapting to ensure that it can continue to perform its public safety mission while addressing concerns over COVID-19. To offer support at this time, the International Code Council (ICC) has compiled pertinent informative webinars for all to think about as they navigate these uncharted waters. All these webinars are free. After each event takes place, its recording is made available on the ICC website.