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ASHRAE Guideline 36 Field Demonstration

In this session, we cover high performance HVAC control sequences that leverage ASHRAE Guideline 36 (G36). We cover what exactly G36 is, what the benefits are, and how to screen buildings to see if they would be a good candidate for a controls retrofit leveraging G36. Through field demonstration results from multiple research projects, we show that G36 retrofits can save 25-45% whole building energy use and are cost effective, up-ending conventional wisdom that controls retrofits are not cost-effective.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Energy conservation opportunities (ECOs) are initiatives which result in a reduction in facility energy consumption. Most often, this is accompanied by a reduction in energy costs as well. Identifying potential ECOs is the first step in pursuing energy reduction and associated energy cost savings in your facility. Accurately quantifying the benefits of implementing such an ECO is typically needed as well, especially if implementation of the ECO has an upfront cost associated with it.