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Federal Thought Leaders Roundtable Continuing Education
Data Center Energy Efficiency Best Practices Continuing Education
E.O. 13693: Recent Developments, Implementation Updates, and Opportunities Continuing Education
O&M Best Practices for Small-Scale PV Systems Continuing Education
Energy Efficiency Expert Evaluations Continuing Education
New Developments in Federal Building Energy Efficiency Standards Continuing Education
Goal-Based Contracting for Energy Efficient Buildings Continuing Education
Re-Thinking Operations & Maintenance for High Performance Buildings Continuing Education
Combined Heat and Power: An Integrated Approach to Energy Resources Continuing Education
Placing UESC Task Orders Under a GSA Areawide Contract Continuing Education
Implementing Deep Retrofits: A Whole Building Approach Continuing Education
Achieving Energy Security in Federal Facilities Continuing Education
Selecting and Evaluating New and Underused Energy Technologies Continuing Education
Achieving Energy-Efficient Data Centers with New ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines Continuing Education
Energy-Efficient Product Procurement Continuing Education
Labs, Data Centers, and High-Tech Facilities Continuing Education
Federal Fleet Infrastructure and Electric Vehicles Continuing Education
Renewable Energy Continuing Education
Utility Energy Service Contracts and Energy Project Incentive Funds Continuing Education
Federal Fleet Management 101 Continuing Education
Operations, Maintenance, and Commissioning Continuing Education
Window Film Fundamentals Continuing Education
FEMP Certificate Series Continuing Education
Data Center Energy Efficiency: IT Equipment and Software Efficiency Continuing Education
Data Center Energy Efficiency: Environmental Conditions Continuing Education
Data Center Energy Efficiency: Air Management Continuing Education
Data Center Energy Efficiency: Cooling Systems Continuing Education
Data Center Energy Efficiency: Electrical Systems Continuing Education
2016 Guiding Principles Introduction and Guiding Principle I, Employ Integrated Design Principles Continuing Education
2016 Guiding Principle II, Optimize Energy Performance Continuing Education
2016 Guiding Principle III, Protect and Conserve Water Continuing Education
2016 Guiding Principle IV, Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality Continuing Education
2016 Guiding Principle V, Reduce Environmental Impact of Materials, and Guiding Principle VI, Assess and Consider Climate Change Risks Continuing Education
Electric Vehicle Charging for Employee Vehicles and Agency Fleets Continuing Education
Advanced Lighting Systems: An Overview Continuing Education
Advanced Interior Lighting Systems Continuing Education
Advanced Exterior Lighting Systems Continuing Education
Metering Benefits and Federal Drivers Continuing Education
Building Metered Data Analysis Continuing Education
Using Metered Data to Improve Energy and Water Efficiency Continuing Education
Managing Building Heat Flows Continuing Education
Operations and Maintenance for Optimal Photovoltaic System Performance Continuing Education
Renewable Energy On-site Project Implementation Process Continuing Education
Plug-In Electric Vehicle Overview for Drivers Continuing Education
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures Using the 2015 NEHRP Recommended Seismic Provisions Continuing Education
Seismic Design of Precast Concrete Structures Continuing Education
Design of Seismic Force-Resisting Systems in Steel-Framed Buildings Continuing Education
Seismic Design of Composite Steel and Concrete Structures Continuing Education
Design of Seismic Force-Resisting Systems in Wood Light-Frame Buildings Continuing Education
Seismic Design of Masonry with the 2015 NEHRP Provisions Continuing Education
New Site Specific Ground Motion Requirements of ASCE 7-16 Continuing Education
Cathodic Protection Basics Continuing Education
Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV): Emerging Applications and Safety Management Continuing Education
Corrosion Prevention and Control of Utilities and Buried Structures Continuing Education
Architecture Design Discipline 11-02-2016
Design Disciplines Design Discipline
Architectural Programming Design Discipline 11-02-2016
Commissioning Authority Design Discipline 06-01-2017
Cost Estimating Design Discipline 11-02-2016
Electrical Engineering Design Discipline 11-02-2016
Fire Protection Engineering Design Discipline 11-02-2016
Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigerating Engineering Design Discipline 11-02-2016
Information Technologies Engineering Design Discipline 11-02-2016
Interior Design Design Discipline 11-03-2016
Landscape Architecture Design Discipline 11-03-2016
Lighting Design Design Discipline 11-03-2016
Planning Design Discipline 11-03-2016
Plumbing Engineering Design Discipline 11-03-2016
Structural Engineering Design Discipline 11-03-2016
Civil Engineering Design Discipline 01-26-2017
Aesthetics Design Objective 06-14-2016
Accessible Design Objective 10-30-2017
Provide Equal Access and Flexibility Design Objective 11-09-2017
History of Accessible Facility Design Design Objective 10-30-2017
Beyond Accessibility to Universal Design Design Objective 10-30-2017
Understanding the Language and Elements of Design Design Objective 10-17-2016
Engage the Integrated Design Process Design Objective 10-17-2016
Design Awards Design Objective 10-17-2016
Cost–Effective Design Objective 11-18-2016
Utilize Cost and Value Engineering Throughout the Project Life Cycle Design Objective 11-18-2016
Use Economic Analysis to Evaluate Design Alternatives Design Objective 11-18-2016
Consider Non-Monetary Benefits such as Aesthetics, Historic Preservation, Security, Safety, Resiliency, and Sustainability Design Objective 11-18-2016
Functional / Operational Design Objective 10-25-2016
Account for Functional Needs Design Objective 10-25-2016
Meet Performance Objectives Design Objective 10-25-2016
Ensure Appropriate Product/Systems Integration Design Objective 10-25-2016
Historic Preservation Design Objective 09-26-2017
Apply the Preservation Process Successfully Design Objective 09-28-2017
Update Building Systems Appropriately Design Objective 09-29-2017
Accommodate Life Safety and Security Needs Design Objective 09-27-2017
Provide Accessibility for Historic Buildings Design Objective 09-28-2017
Productive Design Objective 10-17-2016
Integrate Technological Tools Design Objective 10-17-2016
Assure Reliable Systems and Spaces Design Objective 10-18-2016
Design for the Changing Workplace Design Objective 10-18-2016
Promote Health and Well-Being Design Objective 10-18-2016
Provide Comfortable Environments Design Objective 10-18-2016
Secure / Safe Design Objective 09-28-2017
Fire Protection Design Objective 09-29-2017
Occupant Safety and Health Design Objective 01-13-2017