VA Signage Design Guide - Section 1: Introduction, Acknowledgments, Design Elements   


This VA Signage Design Guide is a revision of the previous Design Guide published in February 2005. The revised design guide provides information and suggestions for the development of sign programs at Veterans Affairs Facilities. The guide provides detailed guidance for the development of a sign system that assists VA customers and staff as they approach the property, locate buildings and services within the facility. The Signage Design Guide includes revisions, which are the result of new sign products, new sign manufacturing techniques and materials, regulatory changes, expansion of VA facilities, procedural changes, and practical knowledge gained from field experience.

The revision of the guide has been a collaborative effort, with comments and suggestions from VAMC and administration, and VACO program officials including designers, fire and safety, security and law enforcement, National Cemetery, and Veterans Benefits Administration. The Guide has added new sections to assist VA facilities contemplating small room renumbering programs or a complete revision of their existing signage systems. The new sections educate program officials, designers, and planners on identifying the need for a signage program and steps on interviewing and selecting a qualified environmental graphic design firm. The sections also include an in-depth guide for parking lots and parking structures signage.

Federal Facility Criteria: