Research and Development (with Site Visit & Survey Reports)  


This Design Guide is a tool to assist planning, design, and construction staff and research staff better understand the planning and design of VA Research and Development (R&D) facilities. It provides an overview of the planning and design concepts for a VA Research and Development facility. Guidance herein may be applied to the departmental level planning and design and/or specific room layouts.

Room Templates for various rooms/spaces within the Research and Development Service are included to illustrate a best practice for room arrangement/layout, furniture, equipment, and staff space needs. The room templates are intended as a generic graphic representation to illustrate room functionality and workflow.

In addition to the general guidance included herein, equipment manufacturers may be consulted for specific minimum dimensions, utilities, power, structural requirements, and other requirements as they relate to specified equipment. Designers and engineers must confirm and verify actual dimensions, weight, and utility requirements of equipment with manufacturers. Refer to VA PG-18-3, Topic 1 for additional direction regarding codes and standards VA has adopted.