Pharmacy Service  

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This Pharmacy Service Design Guide (PG-18-12 Chapter 268) replaces the first Design Guide for Pharmacy Service which dates from 1995. One of the primary drivers for developing this update to the Design Guide is due to the age of the current information available within VA for use on facility design and construction projects, with the knowledge that there have been significant changes to Pharmacy Service over this period of time.

The Design Guide, in conjunction with PG-18-9, Space Planning Criteria Chapter 268: Pharmacy Service and PG-18-5, Equipment Guide List – Pharmacy Service, is a design tool for VA Medical Center clinical and administrative staff, planners, architects, interior designers, engineers, and consulting architects and engineers (A/E’s) to assist with understanding the unique functional and technical requirements associated with this patient care service. The concepts and standards set forth in these documents address the space needs for Pharmacy Service when provided within a VA Medical Center environment and when provided within a VA Ambulatory Care or Outpatient Environment. In addition, within the context of the information contained in the Design Guide an approach is discussed on how to apply these standards to pharmacy projects planned to be renovated within an existing building.

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