Imaging Services (with Site Visit Report)  

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This document merges three prior documents, Radiology Design Guide, Nuclear Medicine Design Guide, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Design Guide, under a common Imaging Services Design Guide to better reflect contemporary realities of the technologies, clinical applications, and enterprise-wide usage of Imaging Services.

The Imaging Services Design Guide (PG-18-12 Chapter 295) is a tool to assist Contracting Officers, Medical Center Staff, and Architects and Planners with the design and construction of Imaging facilities. This publication is intended to provide an overview with respect to the design and construction of medical imaging facilities. Guidance herein may be applied to the siting of individual pieces of imaging equipment, or to departmental level planning and design.

Imaging Services is an area within healthcare that is experiencing extraordinarily rapid technological advancement. While the needs of a specific project are typically defined by contemporary and historical usage data, it is very strongly encouraged that the users of this document and planners of any VA facilities anticipate future equipment upgrades / replacements, expansions of clinical usage beyond the immediate conditions, and continued acceleration of examination times and the throughput implications that result. Planning and design decisions made exclusively based on historical data, without consideration of these continuous changes to the practice environment, may create long-term cost, staffing, and operational burdens for the VA facilities.

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