NASA Facilities Design Standard (NASA-STD-10002)  


The purpose of this NASA Technical Standard is to communicate Agency top-level design requirements and to provide a standard to serve as a singular source for all Agency-level planning, design, and construction requirements in compliance with NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 8800.15, Real Estate Management Program, including NID 8800.115, NASA Interim Directive: Real Estate Management Program Adding Decommission of Facilities. These top-level requirements include: Applicable codes, Industry standards, Federal laws and regulations, and NASA Policy Directives (NPD), NPR, guides, and standards.

This NASA Technical Standard is intended to cover essentially all construction design activities undertaken by NASA, encompassing all tasks that involve new construction, repair, alteration, upgrade, and renovation or demolition of buildings, structures, utilities, or building subsystems (e.g., fire protection and security).