EPA 625-R-93-011 Radon Reduction Technique for Existing Detached Houses Technical Guidance for Active Soil Depressurization Systems  


This technical guidance document has been prepared to serve as a comprehensive aid in the detailed selection, design, installation, and operation of indoor radon reduction measures for existing houses based on active soil depressurization techniques. It is intended for use by radon mitigation contractors, building contractors, concerned homeowners, state and local officials, and other interested persons. This document is the third edition of EPA's technical guidance for indoor radon reduction techniques. This document addresses primarily radon reduction techniques based on active soil depressurization technology, which is one of the most widely used approaches for reducing radon in existing houses. The document also addresses active soil pressurization and passive soil depressurization techniques, because these less widely used techniques bear a number of similarities to active depressurization systems.

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