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UFGS Master Updated February 9, 2023; Posted February 16, 2023

Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) are a joint effort of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC), the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (HQ AFCEC) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). UFGS are for use in specifying construction for the military services.

The Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) are published only in electronic format and are intended to be used with SpecsIntact software. The UFGS Master complies with UFC 1-300-02. SpecsIntact supports the UFGS format. SpecsIntact can still open Masters or Jobs created with older versions of the UFGS format.

Updated UFGS are posted quarterly in February, May, August, and November.

UFGS that have been unified for use by all participating agencies have a level 3 or level 4 Section number. The UFGS uses level 5 to identify a single-agency specification. The number "10" is used by USACE, "20" by NAVFAC, "30" by AFCEC, and "40" by NASA. The order of precedence for selecting UFGS sections for a project is generally:

  1. Regional UFGS if required by the contract or published on WBDG
  2. Single-agency UFGS for whom project is being developed
  3. Unified UFGS
  4. UFGS identified as specific to another DoD Service (for DoD projects only)

Points of contact and procedures for the development and maintenance of UFGS documents are prescribed in the latest edition of MIL-STD-3007.

The UFGS Section Template is now provided in the UFGS Master with each quarterly release and can be found under Tools in the SpecsIntact Explorer.

SpecsIntact for NMCI Users

Questions, comments, suggestions and recommended changes for guide specifications are welcome and should be submitted as a Criteria Change Request (CCR). To submit a Criteria Change Request, click on the CCR link next to the document below. If a CCR does not fit cleanly into an existing section, submit a CCR to the section most closely related to the CCR. CCRs are not appropriate when they pertain to a specific project solicitation, request for proposal or after a project award. Questions or interpretations pertaining to these documents or situation should be referred to the Contracting Officer.

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These documents are available in the following formats:   Adobe Acrobat (PDF)  |   SpecsIntact (SEC) in compressed ZIP

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Title Date View CCR
Division 46 - Water and Wastewater Equipment   02-01-2023  ZIP
UFGS 46 07 13.13 Precipitation/Coagulation/Flocculation (P/C/F) Water Treatment   05-01-2021  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 07 53 Packaged Wastewater Treatment Equipment   02-01-2020  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 07 53.19 Composting Toilet   02-01-2011  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 20 20 Sewage Bar Screen and Mechanical Shredder   05-01-2021  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 23 00 Grit Removal and Handling Equipment   02-01-2020  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 24 16 Comminutors   05-01-2021  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 25 14 Coalescing [or Vertical Tube] Oil-Water Separators   02-01-2011  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 30 00 Water and Wastewater Chemical Feed Systems   08-01-2017  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 30 13 Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)   02-01-2011  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 31 11 Chlorine Gas Feed Equipment   08-01-2017  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 43 21 Circular Clarifier Equipment   02-01-2020  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 51 00.00 10 Air and Gas Diffusion System   05-01-2021  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 53 22 Trickling Filter   05-01-2018  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 53 62 Continuous Loop Reactor (CLR) Wastewater Treatment System   05-01-2021  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 61 00 Filtration Equipment   05-01-2021  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 66 56 Open-Channel Disinfection Equipment   05-01-2021  PDF |  ZIP  CCR
UFGS 46 71 16 Gravity Belt Thickeners   02-01-2011  PDF |  ZIP  CCR