UFC 2-000-05N Facility Planning Criteria for Navy/Marine Corps Shore Installations  


This Facility Criteria publication, UFC 2-000-05N was formerly designated as NAVFAC P-80 under the same title. It provides the space planning factors, criteria and techniques for use in developing Basic Facility Requirement (BFR) calculations and assessments. Establishing the BFR provides the space demand or support requirement for shore-based facilities, by category code, necessary to perform the peacetime missions of Navy shore activities. A BFR justification is the calculation of an installation, command, or region’s facilities allowances based upon established planning criteria. The BFR calculation can be modified (with justification) to accommodate site-specific or unit-specific loading requirements, such as mission, personnel, functions and equipment.

BFRs encompass entire functional categories of use, such as administrative offices, general warehouses or public works shops,for both host and tenant commands. For each of the activity’s functional categories, if the sum of all current assets assigned to that category code is greater than the calculated requirement in the BFR, there is a surplus of space; if it is less,there is a deficiency. BFRs should be updated periodically and must be updated when there is a change in loading or a change in mission.

The purpose of this publication is to present the specific criteria and algorithms used to prepare BFRs for different categories of functional uses.

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UFC 2-000-05N (Full Document) 02-06-2023  PDF  
Title Page & Foreword 01-23-2012  PDF  CCR
Chapter 1 - Introduction 02-06-2023  PDF  CCR
Chapter 2 - Facility planning criteria for sections 100 through 900
100 Series - Operational and Training Facilities 01-20-2023  PDF  CCR
200 Series - Maintenance and Production Facilities 09-30-2022  PDF  CCR
300 Series - Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Facilities 07-22-2020  PDF  CCR
400 Series - Supply Facilities 01-04-2023  PDF  CCR
500 Series - Medical Facilities 11-30-2015  PDF  CCR
600 Series - Administrative Facilities
       Admin BFR Generator (MS Excel version)
700 Series - Housing and Community Facilities 08-17-2022  PDF  CCR
800 Series - Utilities and Ground Improvements Facilities 10-06-2022  PDF  CCR
900 Series - Real Estate 09-12-2022  PDF  CCR
Appendix A - Category Codes for Navy and Marine Corps Real Property
Replacement for NAVFAC P72. Obtained from CCN module in Infads and reposted when new CCNs are uploaded.
06-27-2019  PDF  CCR
Appendix B - Units of Measure
Units of measure (UM) for Navy and Marine Corps real property category codes.
01-03-2013  PDF  CCR
Appendix C - Runway Capacity Handbook - Fixed Wing (formerly P-80.1)
Facility planning criteria for fixed wing aircraft runways at Navy and Marine Corps air installations.
06-01-1972  PDF  CCR
Appendix D - Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Facilities (formerly P-80.2)
Facility planning criteria for Naval Mobile Construction Battalion facilities.
04-01-2019  PDF  CCR
Appendix E - Airfield Safety Clearances (formerly P-80.3)
Airfield safety clearance criteria for Navy and Marine Corps air installations.
01-01-1982  PDF  CCR
Appendix F - Austere Facilities
Facility planning criteria for austere administrative, unaccompanied housing, dining, and fitness facilities at Navy shore installations.
06-12-2022  PDF  CCR