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USACE ECB 2016-7 (Revision 2) Renewal of the Building Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction Policy -- Category: Policy and Guidance   06-03-2022  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-16 (Revision 2) Bentley ProjectWise as the Corporate Tool for Engineering Data Management in USACE -- Category: Directive   11-07-2022  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-22 (Revision 3) Electronic Red-lines, As-builts, and Record Drawings -- Category: Directive and Guidance   10-27-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2018-14 (Revision 2) Guidance for Incorporating Climate Change Impacts to Inland Hydrology in Civil Works Studies, Designs, and Projects -- Category: Guidance   08-19-2022  PDF
USACE ECB 2018-17 (Revision 3) New Requirements for Visual Notification for Mass Notification Systems -- Category: Directive and Policy   08-31-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2018-4 (Revision 3) Inclusion of GS-0807, Landscape Architect, on Announcements for Interdisciplinary and Multi-discipline Positions and Developmental Assignments -- Category: For Information   11-16-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2018-6 (Revision 2) Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Facility Data Requirements -- Category: Directive and Guidance   07-21-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2018-7 (Revision 2) Advanced Modeling Requirements on USACE Projects -- Category: Directive and Polic   08-31-2022  PDF
USACE ECB 2020-6 (Revision 1) Implementation of Resilience Principles in the Engineering & Construction Community of Practice -- Category: Policy and Guidance   05-09-2022  PDF
USACE ECB 2021-10 (Revision 1) Submittal of MILCON Construction Award Data via the Historical Analysis Generator (HII) -- Category: Directive and Guidance   02-23-2024  PDF
USACE ECB 2021-5 (Revision 1) Interpretation of UFC 1-200-01, Delegation of Building Official/Authority Having Jurisdiction (BO/AHJ) Responsibilities, and Waiver/Exemption/Equivalency Approvals -- Category: Directive and Policy   03-08-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2022-2 (Revision 1) Cybersecurity Requirements for Design and Construction of Control Systems and Integrated Low Voltage Systems for Permanent and Non-permanent Construction -- Category: Directive and Guidance   09-20-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2022-3 USACE Engineering and Construction Awardees -- Category: For Information   06-22-2022  PDF
USACE ECB 2022-4 Elevator Design Compliance -- Category: Directive and Policy   07-28-2022  PDF
USACE ECB 2022-5 Utilizing Offline Forms for LEED Online -- Category: For Information   08-01-2022  PDF
USACE ECB 2022-6 Update Energy Modeling and Life Cycle Cost Analysis Applicability Threshold -- Category: Directive and Policy   10-24-2022  PDF
USACE ECB 2022-7 Interim Approach for Risk-Informed Designs for Dam and Levee Projects -- Category: Guidance   10-20-2022  PDF
USACE ECB 2022-8 (Revision 1) 2023 USACE Engineering and Construction Awards Nomination Requirements -- Category: For Information   11-14-2022  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-05 Update to Professional Registrations, Licensure, and Certifications Reporting -- Category: Directive and Policy   06-13-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-07 Update to P2 Sustainability Reporting Requirements -- Category: Directive and Policy   06-15-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-08 (Revision 01) Electrification, Decarbonization, and Executive Order (E.O.) 14057 -- Category: Directive and Policy   06-12-2024  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-1 Meet the Requirements of ASHRAE 90.1-2019 to Optimize Energy Performance -- Category: Directive and Policy   01-23-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-10 Clarification of Policies and Guidance Associated with the Welding of Hydraulic Steel Structures -- Category: Policy and Guidance   08-17-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-11 USACE Mega Projects – Overall Project Delivery Guidance -- Category: Directive and Policy   08-21-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-12 Methods for Storage/Yield Analysis -- Category: Guidance   08-23-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-13 Construction Contract Duration and Beneficial Occupancy Date -- Category: Directive and Policy   08-24-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-14 Mandatory Consideration of Mass Timber in Army Military Construction (MILCON) and Civil Works Vertical Construction Projects -- Category: Directive and Policy   09-20-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-15 2024 USACE Engineering and Construction Awards Nomination Requirements -- Category: For Information   11-15-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-2 Update to the Army Sustainability Implementation Guide -- Category: For Information   02-28-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-3 Use of National Geodetic Survey NCAT and VDatum instead of CORPSCON -- Category: Directive and Information   03-27-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-4 Engaging Centers of Expertise in Project Delivery Teams and New Website-- Category: Directive and Policy   04-17-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-6 Engineering and Construction CoP Awards - Awardees -- Category: For Information   06-15-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2023-9 Civil Works Design Milestone Checklists -- Category: Guidance   07-20-2023  PDF
USACE ECB 2024-01 SpecsIntact Version 5.4 and Ownership Transition -- Category: Directive and Policy   01-04-2024  PDF
USACE ECB 2024-02 Energy Optimization & Life Cycle Cost Analysis Requirement Update -- Category: Guidance   04-09-2024  PDF
USACE ECB 2024-3 Technical Lead for Engineering and Construction Deliverables -- Category: Directive and Policy   05-09-2024  PDF
USACE ECB 2024-4 2024 USACE Engineering and Construction Awards - Awardees-- Category: For Information   06-14-2024  PDF
USACE ECB 2024-5 Changes to Refrigerants -- Category: For Information   07-03-2024  PDF