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NAVFAC ECB 2006-01 Establishment of Engineering and Construction Bulletins -- Type: Policy 10-12-2005  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2006-02 Standard Convention for Accrual of Design in Place (DIP) -- Type: Policy 10-13-2005  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2006-03 Design-Build Process -- Type: Guidance 11-18-2005  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2006-04 Capital Improvements Categories of Work Classification -- Type: Policy 05-11-2006  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2006-06 Naval Facilities Engineering Command's (NAVFAC) 2007 Design Awards Program -- Type: Information 09-14-2006  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2007-01 Proper Use of Military Construction (MILCON) Funds -- Type: Policy 10-13-2006  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2007-02 Prioritizing Construction AQ using the Four Categories of Work -- Type: Policy 10-17-2006  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2007-04 Military Construction Program Errors and Omissions -- Type: Information 11-09-2006  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2007-03 Military Construction Program Execution -- Type: Information 11-13-2006  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2007-07 Tracking CI Project Documents using WON -- Type: Policy 05-29-2007  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2007-06 NAVFAC Drawing Numbers -- Type: Policy 05-29-2007  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2007-08 Facility Quality Evaluations -- Type: Policy 06-26-2007  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2008-02 NAVFAC Red Zone Policy for Construction Contracts -- Type: Policy 04-11-2008  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2008-03 Acceptance Testing of Critical Systems -- Type: Policy 09-25-2008  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2009-01 Construction Work-In-Place (WIP) Projections and Tracking -- Type: Policy 10-24-2008  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2010-01 Marine Corps BEQ, Gross Building Allowance (GBA) Calculation Change -- Type: Policy 10-07-2009  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2010-03 Design Engineering Competency (In-House Design) -- Type: Policy 11-09-2009  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2010-04 Marine Corps BEQ, Gross Building Allowance (GBA) Calculation Change -- Type: Policy 05-10-2010  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2012-01 Capital Improvements Project Type for Project Labeling, Workload Management and OPS Reporting -- Type: Policy 10-19-2011  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2012-03 Navy Crane Center (NCC) Acquisition Policy for Weight Handling Equipment (WHE) -- Type: Policy 11-01-2011  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2012-02 Proper Use of Appropriations for Air Traffic Control (ATC) Facility MILCON Project Planning, Design, Construction and Equipment Outfitting -- Type: Policy 11-01-2011  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2014-01 NAVFAC’s Building Information Management and Modeling (BIM) Phased Implementation Plan to Acquire Facility Electronic Operation and Maintenance Support information (eOMSI)) -- Type: Policy 06-24-2014  PDF
USACE ECB 2014-28 USACE Geotechnical & Materials In-House Materials and In-Situ Testing Laboratories -- Applicability: Information 12-22-2014  PDF
USACE ECB 2014-27 USACE Geotechnical and Materials In-House Drilling and Subsurface Exploration Production Offices -- Applicability: Information 12-22-2014  PDF
USACE ECB 2015-07 Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Requirements for the Design Phase of USACE Buildings, Central Energy Systems and Associated Supporting Facilities -- Applicability: Directive and Guidance 03-04-2015  PDF
USACE ECB 2015-18 Technical Lead for E&C Deliverables - Category: Directive and Policy 10-15-2015  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-07 Renewal of the Building Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction Policy -- Category: Policy and Guidance 02-19-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-08 Interim Risk Reduction Measures (IRRMs) for Levee Safety -- Category: Directive and Policy / Guidance 02-22-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-09 Civil Works Review -- Category: Guidance 03-04-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-10 Technotes: Purple Pipe, Rainwater Harvesting, Phase Change Materials, Green Roof, and Permeable Pavement -- Category: For Information 04-05-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-11 Reissue of 2014-1, Authorized Scope of Work for Military Construction (MILCON) Projects -- Category: Directive and Policy 04-13-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-12 EM 1110-2-6000 Selection of Design Earthquakes and Associated Ground Motions -- Category: Guidance 05-05-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-13 EC Fellows Program and Command Training Plans -- Category: Directive and Policy 05-06-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-15 TechNote: Guidance for Indirect Evaporative Cooling Applications in Army Buildings -- Category: Guidance 05-23-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-16 Updated USACE Mega Projects Guidance -- Category: Directive and Policy 05-26-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-17 Department of Veterans Affairs Major Construction Projects: USACE Assessment and Acceptance Policy -- Category: Directive and Policy 06-08-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-19 Operations & Maintenance Facility Data Requirements -- Category: For Information 07-06-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-18 Center of Standardization for Contingency Design & Design Standards for Non-permanent Facilities in Support of Military Operations -- Category: Directive and Policy 07-06-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-23 USACE Drilling Production Centers Drill Crews' Continuing Education -- Category: For Information 07-07-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-22 Professional Registration of Geologists -- Category: For Information 07-07-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-21 Inclusion of Series 1301 (Physical Scientists) and 1350 (Geologists) on Interdisciplinary and Multi-Discipline Job Announcements and Developmental Assignments -- Category: For Information 07-07-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-20 Core Retention -- Category: For Information 07-07-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-24 The Transfer of Data Collected by Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Receiver Devices onto CorpsNet -- Category: Directive and Information 07-16-2016  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2016-01 Preliminary Design Deliverables for Department of Navy Military Construction Projects -- Type: Policy 08-09-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-25 Guidance for Incorporating Climate Change Impacts to Inland Hydrology in Civil Work Studies, Designs, and Projects -- Category: Guidance 09-18-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-26 2016 Architect and Interior Designer of the Year Awardees -- Category: For Information 09-23-2016  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2010-06 Proper Management and Use of the Design Management Cost Recovery Program (DMCRP - Program B) -- Type: Policy 09-30-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-27 Policy on the Use of Air Force Corporate Standards and Standard Designs -- Applicability: Directive and Policy 11-01-2016  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2012-04 NAVFAC Implementation of Internal Revenue Code § 179D Tax Policy -- Type: Policy 11-09-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-31 Verification of Building Performance --Directive and Policy 11-16-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-28 Benchmarking of Design during Construction (DDC) -- Category: Directive and Policy 12-08-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-29 Lessons Learned from LEED v4 Pilot Projects - Category: For Information 12-13-2016  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2014-02 NAVFAC Sustainability and Energy Requirements -- Type: Policy 12-20-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2016-30 Air Force Sustainability Guidance for Third-Party Certification -- Category: Directive and Guidance 12-21-2016  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-1 High Performance Sustainable Building (HPSB) Checklist Beta Testing -- Category: Directive and Policy 01-24-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-2 Revision and Clarification of EM 1110-2-2100 and EM 1110-2-2502 -- Category: Guidance 01-27-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-3 Design and Evaluation of I-Walls Including Sheet Pile Walls -- Category: Guidance 01-27-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-4 Interim Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Sheet Pile Guidance -- Category: Guidance 01-27-2017  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2017-01 Design Execution -- Type: Policy 01-31-2017  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2017-02 Designer to Project Manager Ratio -- Type: Policy 01-31-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-5 2017 Engineering and Construction HQUSACE Awards Nomination Requirements -- Category: For Information 02-23-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-8 Engineering and Construction Training for Medical Facility Projects -- Category: Guidance 03-27-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-9 UFC 3-460-03 Operation and Maintenance: Maintenance of Petroleum Fuel Systems -- Category: Directive and Guidance 04-03-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-10 Announcing UFGS 06 17 19 Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) -- Category: For Information and Guidance 04-07-2017  PDF
NAVFAC ECB 2017-03 Design and Construction Requirements for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities -- Type: Policy 05-16-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-11 Corrosion Prevention and Control Training and Resources -- Category: For Information and Guidance 05-18-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-12 Interim Guidance for Elevators -- Category: Directive and Guidance 05-18-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-13 Lessons Learned from SDD Policy Validation Visits -- Category: Guidance and Information 06-08-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-14 Importance of Partnering to Military Programs and Civil Works Projects and Programs -- Category: Policy 06-16-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-15 Managed Overtopping of Levee Systems -- Category: Guidance 07-14-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-16 Bentley ProjectWise as the Corporate Tool for Engineering Data Management in USACE -- Category: Directive 07-24-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2015-16 Submittal of Construction Award Data via the Historical Analysis Generator (HII) -- Category: Directive and Guidance 08-02-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-17 Employee Professional Registrations Reporting -- Category: Directive and Policy 08-07-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-18 Standardization of Navigation Structures and Components -- Category: Guidance 08-16-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-19 Limitations on the Use of One-Step Selection Procedures for Design-Build -- Category: Directive and Policy 09-14-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-20 Quality Management Plan Guide -- Category: Guidance 09-19-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-21 Establishment of the Facilities Explosive Safety Mandatory Center of Expertise -- Category: Information 11-01-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-22 Electronic Red-lines, As-builts, and Record Drawings -- Category: Directive and Guidance 11-28-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-23 Sustainable Acquisition Requirements -- Category: Guidance 12-01-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-24 Recommissioning (RCx) Process for EISA Compliance -- Category: Information and Guidance 12-04-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2017-25 Annual Support to National Engineers Week -- Category: Information 12-04-2017  PDF
USACE ECB 2018-1 2018 Engineering and Construction HQUSACE Awards Nomination Requirements -- Category: Information 01-16-2018  PDF
USACE ECB 2018-2 Implementation of Resilience Principles in the Engineering & Construction Community of Practice -- Category: Policy and Guidance 01-25-2018  PDF
USACE ECB 2018-3 Using Non-NOAA Tide Gauge Records for Computing Relative Sea Level Change -- Category: Guidance 02-01-2018  PDF
USACE ECB 2018-4 Inclusion of GS-0807, Landscape Architect, on Announcements for Interdisciplinary and Multi-discipline Positions and Developmental Assignments -- Category: For Information 02-16-2018  PDF